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What is the best way to contact someone for a quote?

Email is best!


As a small company we are often all out on a job site during regular business hours, so if you do call, please feel free to leave us a voicemail, making sure to leave your name, address, email address and a brief description of the work you’d like quoted, and someone will email you as soon as they get back to their desk.


Please note that we cannot set up a quote for you without an email address so make sure to include that in your message.

How do quotes work? Do I need to be home? Do you schedule a time?

Quote days often fall on days that are bad weather for climbing so we often have a list of stops built up. Stops tend to vary in length depending on how many trees the arborist is looking at or questions that the homeowner might have, so it isn’t possible to stick to a strict schedule.

You’ll receive an email to let you know what day our arborist is free, and to let you know that he will be sending you a text message on the day of your quote about an hour to 30 minutes before he stops by, and a phone call when he gets to the property so he can have a brief check in with you about the project.


If you have specific times that are better for you on our quote day, please let us know ahead of time via email and we can make a note of that on the arborist’s list. If you are unavailable for the entire day, no worries, just please make sure to email us a description of the trees you’d like looked at and your goals for them and the arborist can be self-sufficient.

You do not need to be home, or free during the quote, but if you are, please feel free to come outside for a walk through with the arborist.

I’d like to proceed with my quote, how does scheduling work?

To begin the scheduling process please sign the last page of your quote on the appropriate line and send it back to us, either via email or by mail.

If your project requires neighbor consent (i.e., if you are pruning your neighbors’ tree) or neighbor property access (i.e. if you are pruning your tree over your neighbor's property) we will send you the appropriate form for you to pass on to them to sign and return.

Once we’ve received your paperwork, we’ll send you a deposit request via PayPal (if a check works better, please let us know so we can coordinate this) and once the deposit is paid you will be given a week that your project will fall in.

All our work is weather dependent so as we get closer to your designated week, we will reach out to let you know the exact day of work.

What should I do to prepare my yard for tree work?

Prior to the crew’s arrival, we ask that all personal items (i.e. lawn furniture and decorations, pots and planters, garbage bins etc.) be moved as far away from the tree(s) we will be working on, as possible. If you have something heavy that needs to be moved and require help, that’s fine, just let us know.

We ask that you refrain from altering the site(s) around the tree(s) between the time the work is quoted and the time the work is performed. Often things like installing sheds, patios, garden beds etc. below a tree will drastically affect how we will need to perform our work and can often double or triple the amount of labor needed to complete a project successfully. Please note that changes like these can potentially void your quote.

We also ask that folks with pets please make sure that their yard is free of pet waste prior to our arrival.

What kind of equipment will Schwan’s Tree Care be using for my tree work?

Schwan’s Tree Care is a climbing focused tree care company. Meaning we specialize in doing all our work via climbing rather than using equipment such as a bucket truck, spider lift or crane.

This is often beneficial for trees located in areas with limited access, trees in need of specific or delicate pruning, and keeps our impact on the surrounding area very slight.


Often all you will see onsite is our F550 dump truck, some chainsaws and other handheld equipment and our climbing and rigging gear.

Will the arborist who assessed my trees and drew up the quote be onsite for the work?

Yes! All jobs performed by our company are quoted and overseen by ISA certified arborist, Alexander Schwan.


Often, Alex will be the one performing the work himself, which means you will have the same arborist assessing the trees, planning the job, and doing the work from start to finish.

Can I watch/ask questions while the work is being done?

We are more than happy to do a walk through on the day of work prior to getting started. Please make sure to arrange this before the arborist begins his climb.

You are welcome to watch from inside your home while we climb your tree(s) but we ask that the climber and ground crew are not distracted while a climb is in progress for safety reasons. Also, while outside, please be prepared to follow any direction given by a Schwan’s Tree Care crew member while a climb is in progress so we can ensure the safety of everyone on the property.

Please make sure children and pets are safely inside or off the property during tree work.

How do I pay my bill after the work is done?

We can accept a check or a Venmo payment while we are on site after the work is finished up, or we can send you bill via PayPal. Billing has a ten-day grace period.

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